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Energy Efficiency

At Rylock Windows Geelong, we supply a range of affordable energy-efficient windows, which are ideal if you want to reduce heat loss from your home. Working in tandem with the external environment, an energy-efficient property will trap the sun’s heat when it’s cold and reduce the heat taken in during hot days.

To ensure energy efficiency in your home, it’s important to install the appropriate fixtures and to use the right materials. Effective sealing around windows and doors will also help, eliminating the chance of draughts.

You should also be aware of the following terms, and how these apply to you:


This unit of measurement refers to how effectively a window resists heat flow. If you have a low U-Value, then your windows give good insulation.

Solar Heat Gain Co-efficient (SHGC):

This refers to the amount of solar energy that enters the window and becomes heat, with a low value required for warm or hot climates.

What is double glazing?

Simply put, double glazing involves sandwiching two panes of glass together, with a hollow aluminium spacer bar in between which contains a substance to remove any residual moisture. The glass is airtight and it is the trapped air that in effect provides the insulation, reducing heat loss by as much as 51%.

A double glazed panel may be made even more efficient by using a special low-emissivity glass, which loses less heat. The still air between the panes could also be replaced with an inert gas such as argon.

At Rylock Windows Geelong , we source all of our double glazing from specialist suppliers who provide a six year guarantee on all of their products. Our standard guarantee of a replacement panel is also extended to the onsite fitting, should a fault occur.

Generation 3 range

All of our products within the Generation 3, thermally improved suite with inline frames are rated as having a thermally improved aluminium frame within WERS (the Window Energy Rating Scheme). As a result, these products give a much better performance than most others, with the frames trapping air in special pockets.

These products further suspend the glazing units evenly between vinyl seals, which helps to reduce any thermal bridge between the interior and exterior environment. With the Generation 3, thermally improved suite with inline frame products, there is typically up to a 12mm air gap between the panes.

Spectrally selective glazing: This type of double glazing is mostly used for tinted windows, as it absorbs and reflects the infrared portion of sunlight while still transmitting visible daylight. Ideal if you want to protect your furnishings from fading under the sun’s glare, this glass is commonly available in green, grey and bronze shades.

Low-E coatings: These reduce heat flow by making the window less transparent to parts of the solar spectrum. A low-E coating can reject unwanted infrared heat from the sun in summer and retain it during the winter.

To keep your house cool in the summer and more efficiently heated in winter, double glazing is ideal, and it will also significantly reduce your energy bills, Energy efficiency will also increase the value of your property, as more and more people now look for this feature when buying.

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